Our apartments are located close to Vicenza , 50km from Venice , 30km from Padua, 56km from Verona and Garda Lake

The position of our rental properties in Vicenza is very strategic !

Marostica, Foto di René Dinkel

Marostica (30 minutes)

Marostica:the city of chess,25 km from Vicenza in the northeast, is famous worldwide for the Chess Game with Living Persons. Over 600 extras with period costumes evoke the legend of Lionora, offering a spectacular representation, enriched with stage effects and fireworks, knights and dancers, jugglers and fire eaters, comedians and musicians. The first Human Chess Game was played in 1923 and since then is repeated in the second weekend of September every even year.

Bassano del Grappa, Ponte degli Alpini - Foto di Zyance

Bassano del Grappa (40 minutes)

Bassano del Grappa: a rich and interesting city with a long history which you can still feel while visiting it. Please refer to the link for more details about Bassano We suggest a visit to the Bridge of Bassano (or “degli Alpini”), whose original project was drawn by Andrea Palladio and built later on. It is true that Bassano produces an excellent Grappa, but the name of this liquor comes from Monte Grappa (1800 m. high) which is located nearby.

Asolo, Foto di Joshp

Asolo (1.30 hour)

Asolo: this ancient village, perched on a hill and quaintly charming, is not far from Bassano and deserves to be visited. A must see, is the Villa Barbaro of Maser, only 7 km away from Asolo.


Padua (35 minutes)

Padua: an important Venetian city 30 km east of Vicenza, has a long history so rich that it would take too long to describe. Please see the link below: Padova. But not to be missed, is the restored Scrovegni Chapel by Giotto (tickets must be preferably booked in advance online) and the great Basilica of St. Anthony.


Verona (45 minutes)

Verona: about 55 km. west of Vicenza is a UNESCO Heritage Site. It has important Roman ruins such as the famous Arena. Don't miss Juliet's house and the beautiful Garda lake nearby. Other things to see: Verona


Venice (45 minutes)

Venice: 50 km from Vicenza, needs no introduction. Just a tip to know: it is more convenient to take the train from Vicenza than to drive. Parking is a big problem in Venice and there is often a lot of traffic on the autostrada.

Dolomiti: Tre come di Lavaredo, Foto di Agordal

Dolomiti (2 hours)

The Dolomites (also called the Pale Mountains), and Cortina: this is a full day outing with breathtaking mountain views you won't forget. Cortina is 210 Km. (2 1/2 hours) from Vicenza. On June 26 2009, the Dolomites were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Link to things to see and know:Cortina