If you love art and nature Vicenza and Berici await.

Vicenza city of art and Palladio Villas

It's impossible to describe the beauty of Vicenza and its hills, you have to live them. Moreover the strategic location in the heart of the Venetian region will make unforgettable your stay.

This small town offers tourists the opportunity to visit the best works of the great architect Andrea Palladio; the artistic value and the historical importance of his masterpieces have made that this city of art has been elected UNESCO world heritage in 1994. The historic center of Vicenza amazing to walk around, and Piazza dei Signori is its true heart: all the tiny streets seem to get you there. Walking and looking around, it’s like to enter into a fantasy world of the past. Their appearance is typical of the 15th Venetian century, with narrow streets that parade between buildings with features mullioned windows with blinds or their rusticated exposed, flowers on the balconies, and small shops, and cafes, and restaurants, and other places that open suddenly. It’s wonderful that Vicenza, an international tourist destination, has retained so harmoniously its history. And yet the famous and numerous Ville Venete in large numbers in places very close, are the ideal setting for this unique city.

Then if you want to immerse yourself in the pristine green, the Berici await. By walk or mountain bike you can discover stunning scenery entering in the countless trails that cross them. The small Fimon Lake, the climbing in Lumignano, the Covoli, the vast expanses of vineyards and olive groves and hills of Nanto or Mossano, in May the cherry blossoms of Castegnero. Also here you will find evidence of art and architecture in the villas of Costozza Toara, Barbarano, Lonigo, Sarego and matter to trace the life of Galileo Galilei in Costozza.